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Zeta Base (1991)

Alguire, Judith    Lesbian Author?

* Main Lesbian Character

Category: Far future
Summary: The Earth of the future is barely surviving, and power has migrated to the colonies. When one woman discovers that the Sun is dying, she has to fight disbelief at the highest levels of power to convince the world that Earth can be saved. Most characters are lesbians.

Added on 9/26/2005
Ring of Swords (1993)

Arnason, Eleanor    

*** Gay/Female World

Category: Alien society
Summary: The Hwarath society is homosexual and thinks heterosexuality is a perversion.

Added on 9/20/2000
A Woman of the Iron People (1991)

Arnason, Eleanor    

*** Gay/Female World

Category: Alien society
Summary: Women live together in villages, but the men, when they reach puberty, leave the villages and live alone in the wild. Women who mate with other women are mentioned, but the native characters think it is perverted.

Added on 4/26/2000
Handmaid's Tale, The (1986)

Atwood, Margaret    

* Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: Dystopian future where ultra-conservative Christians have taken over part of the United States and conscripted fertile women to bear children for high-ranking men. I disliked this book because the main character was a wimp, but her best friend was a lesbian.

Added on 5/1/1996
Windup Girl, The (2009)

Bacigalupi, Paolo    

**** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: Most food crops have gone extinct from engineered diseases and pests. Several multi-national corporations control distribution of seeds genetically modified to be resistant to these threats. But Thailand has resisted their monopoly and has its own seedbank and gene hackers bringing extinct species back to life. Enter a suite of characters, each with different agendas that overlap and oppose each other. In the middle, the wild card, is the wind-up girl, a genetically engineered geisha who just wants to be free. More twists than a strand of DNA. The lesbian is a major character, though her sexuality is incidental to the story

Added on 11/28/2009
Crashcourse (1993)

Baird, Wilhelmina    

*** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: A love triangle of 2 men and 1 woman, all of whom are down and out and trying to get off planet to a better life, agree to be in a movie. But they find out that the movie is more dangerous than they expected, and that their co-star is out to kill them all. The villian is a lesbian, or at least prefers women.

Added on 12/30/2003
Carnival (2006)

Bear, Elizabeth    

*** Minor Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Humans on another planet
Summary: Michelangelo and Vincent, Coalition spies posing as diplomats, come to New Amazonia to broker an agreement between the two governments. As the story unfolds, you find that nothing is as it seems. Michelangelo and Vincent are lovers, which is why they were chosen for the mission--New Amazonia is ruled by women and they are suspicious of "stud" males. The women of New Amazonia, especially Lesa, are strong and interesting, though the "gay" females in the story are separatists and are not sympathetic characters. Bear did a great job of depicting how cultural assumptions and biases influence our perceptions.

Added on 4/15/2007
Rim (1994)

Besher, Alexander    

**** Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Cyber-punk
Summary: Too much sex, but interesting world creation, Serious but satirical too. Several minor lesbian characters.

Added on 3/14/2000
Sex and the High Command (1970)

Boyd, John    

*** Gay/Female World

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: The invention of Vita-Lerp, a drug that not only allows parthenogenesis, but gives great orgasms as well, makes men superflous and sparks a movement to eliminate men altogether. Captain Benjamin Franklin Hansen of the US Navy finds himself promoted into the highest ranks of government as the men make plans to stop the women's crusade. Hansen must choose whether to put his faith in the loyalty of his beloved wife Helga and daughter Joan Paula, or to side with the High Command, who is so intent on victory that they would even consider nuking the United States.

Added on 4/23/2006
Glory Season (1993)

Brin, David    

***** Gay/Female World

Category: Alien society
Summary: Female-dominated world, where men are trying to change their place in it. Well done.

Added on 2/1/1997
Cognate (2000)

Brojim, RC    Lesbian Author!

** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Space opera
Summary: Dani Forrest is captain of the Boadicea, a ship in the Explora Command's Minority Fleet. This special fleet is where gay and lesbian personnel serve. A mysterious disease infects her crew, just when they are trying to investigate an interstellar incident.

Added on 8/11/2001
End of This Day's Business, The (1989)

Burdekin, Katharine    

* Gay/Female World

Category: Far future
Summary: Written in the 1930's, but unpublished until recently, this book depicts a future utopia where women rule a peaceful, prosperous society, but at a cost. The men are infantilized; barely more than children mentally and emotionally. One woman believes it is time for men and women to be equal and sets about trying to start a revolution. The reason I gave this a 1 was because 3/4s of the book is nothing but her telling the history of their world to her son and since it is all just exposition, I found it boring. It does have historical and academic merit though.

Added on 6/9/2007
Wanting Seed, The (1962)

Burgess, Anthony    


Category: Dystopian future
Summary: A novel about how modern Western society cycles between liberal and conservative. It starts toward the end of the "Pelaphase, a liberal period, where overpopulation is considered such a threat that homosexuality is encouraged ("It's Sapiens to be Homo"). The lead characters, however, are very straight and disgusted by the homosexuality, so this isn't really a positive portrayal.

Added on 5/26/2006
Breeds of Man, The (1988)

Busby, F.M.    


Category: Science Fiction
Summary: AIDS mutates. Phoenix Pharmaceuticals finds a cure. The cure causes sterility. They find a cure for that. The only problem is, children born due to the treatment are all cyclical hermaphrodites--they change sex every month or two. The strange thing about these hermaphrodites is that they are all 100% heterosexual--no matter what sex they are, they are attracted only to those of the opposite sex. They form relationships with people they love, but only have sex when their two cycles sync up. They don't even experiment. It's very silly. Also, all the primary narrators were male, and the one strong female person was a psycho sadist. Despite all that, it was an entertaining story, which is why it got a 3 instead of a 2.

Added on 10/7/2007
Fledgling (2005)

Butler, Octavia    

**** Main Bi Character

Category: Vampires
Summary: A novel about a woman with amnesia who discovers she is a vampire-hybrid. The story traces her discovery of her own people and a war started by other vampires who want to see her dead. Normally I don’t read vampire fiction, but Butler is such a good writer I read this anyway and was not disappointed. It’s about love, family, and prejudice. The vampires are all basically bisexual when it comes to humans.

Added on 10/1/2005
Parable of the Talents (1998)

Butler, Octavia    

*** Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: All of Butler's work is excellent, though this is not one of my favorites. Has a minor lesbian character.

Added on 11/17/1998
Leviathan's Deep (1979)

Carr, Jayge    

*** Gay/Female World

Category: Alien society
Summary: Delyafam is a water world, ruled by females. The Kimassu Lady has risen far in her society, despite her odd coloration. Through a male Terran, captured after violating the Inner Holy, she discovers that the Terrans, considered little more than pests by the Council, have plans to wipe out her people and take the planet for themselves. The more time she spends with the Terran, the more she realizes that her people have been shortchanging the males of her species. Ultimately, she must act to save her world from the Terran threat, and at the same time create equality between the sexes.

Added on 3/3/2006
Fortunate Fall, The (1996)

Carter, Raphael    

***** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: Talk about imaginative--the narrator of this book is a whale. It concerns a highly technological future society where there is no privacy, even in your mind, and homosexuality is a crime. Extremely well done.

Added on 7/1/1997
Conqueror's Child, The (1999)

Charnas, Suzy McKee    

***** Main Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Fantasy
Summary: Book Four of the Holdfast Chronicles. Alldera's daughter, raised by the Riding Women, comes to the Holdfast with a boy child borne by an escaped slave because the Riding Women won't accept him. This novel deserves a 6. The four books together, but especially the last two, have the most complex and realistic characters I've ever encountered.

Added on 7/10/2000
Furies, The (1994)

Charnas, Suzy McKee    

**** Main Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Fantasy
Summary: Book 3 of the Holdfast Chronicles. Alldera and the Free Fems return to the Holdfast and conquer it. Then they have to figure out how to create a new society that also includes the newly freed slaves, and the men, and the women who want to sleep with the men.

Added on 7/7/2000
Motherlines (1978)

Charnas, Suzy McKee    

***** Main Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Fantasy
Summary: Book Two of the Holdfast Chronicles. In this book, Alldera, a slave, escapes the Holdfast and meets the Riding Women, and all female society who have been genetically engineered to reproduce without men. We are also introduced to the Free Fems, who are a band of women who also escaped the Holdfast.

Added on 7/5/2000
Walk to the End of the World (1974)

Charnas, Suzy McKee    

**** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Fantasy
Summary: In this world, women (fems) are slaves, and same sex relationships are the norm for both sexes except for required breeding. Men who like sex with females are considered to be perverts. Book One of the Holdfast Chronicles.

Added on 7/3/2000
Mainline (1996)

Christian, Deborah    

**** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Alien society
Summary: An assassin's ability to shift between alternate time lines makes it easy for her to avoid being caught. I call the main character a lesbian because of her obvious interest in one of her clients, though no affair ever develops.

Added on 6/1/1996
In the Garden of Dead Cars (1993)

Claiborne, Sybil    

**** Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: Another book about what would happen if AIDS mutated. In this future America, an Orwellian future has outlawed all sexual contact, ostensibly to keep the plague at bay, but really to control the populace. This is the story of one young woman's struggles to deal with her mother's toxic nostalgia, her best friend's cult obsession, and her new partner--a young man who is different from any other she's met. The character of the mother was quite well done (reminded me of my own mother).

Added on 10/8/2007
First Flight (1981)

Claremont, Chris    

*** Major Bi Character

Category: Military Science Fiction
Summary: The brass called it a by-the-book mission. Lt. Nicole Shea was too green to know that, in space, there’s no such thing.

One of the female characters had a past relationship with another woman.

Added on 6/12/2005
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