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author title category rating date added
Worlds Apart (1986)

Decarnin, Camilla, Eric Garber, Lyn Paleo, ed.    Lesbian Author!

** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Short stories
Summary: Short stories by gay and lesbian writers.

Added on 7/27/1998
Foreign Bodies (1999)

Dedman, Stephen    

*** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Near future
Summary: The main character starts out as a guy but is swapped into a woman's body. The woman in question happens to have been a lesbian and he continues having relationships with women. Has a good start but the end isn't as strong.

Added on 3/4/2000
334 (1974)

Disch, Thomas M.    

** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Dystopian future
Summary: The character Shrimp is a lesbian, but Disch doesn't make a big deal of it and it isn't stated outright until 40 or so pages before the end of the book. Before that you think she might be bi.

Added on 1/9/2000
Paradigm of Earth, A (2001)

Dorsey, Candas Jane    Lesbian Author?

** Main Bi Character

Category: Near future
Summary: An unusual household of artists (of various sexualities) becomes the refuge of a space alien fleeing the US government.

Added on 11/22/2001
Black Wine (1996)

Dorsey, Candas Jane    Lesbian Author?

*** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: The story follows five generations of women--from the monumental, sadistic despot to her great-great-granddaughter working in a warehouse--through their travels away from and toward one another. Every kind of sexuality imaginable.

Added on 11/14/1998
Alanya to Alanya (2005)

Duchamp, L. Timmel    Lesbian Author!

** Major Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Alien invasion
Summary: The Marq’ssan come to Earth to teach humanity to change, become less violent and hierarchical. Kay Zeldin, a historian with former ties to “the Company” is recruited by her old nemesis to be one of the USA’s negotiators.

There are a lot of lesbian characters. I thought the book needed another draft or two. This is the first of five books in the Marq’ssan cycle. Available from the publisher: Aqueduct Press (, who specializes in feminist science fiction.

Added on 1/13/2006
Kindred Spirits (1984)

Elliot, Jeffrey M., ed.    

** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Short stories
Summary: Collection of gay and lesbian science fiction stories. It’s an older anthology, when there was less queer sci-fi around, and I’d already read most of the lesbian stories elsewhere.

Added on 7/10/2003
Dangerous Space (2007)

Eskridge, Kelley    Lesbian Author!

***** Major Bi Character

Category: Science fantasy
Summary: These stories aren't really science fiction, but there's a touch of it here and there, and some fantasy. Mostly they are just fantastic pieces of writing. Even though there's a link to Amazon, you should buy this through the publisher, Aqueduct Press at

Added on 5/12/2007
Solitaire (2002)

Eskridge, Kelley    Lesbian Author!

***** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Science fiction
Summary: Excellent novel with a dyke heroine. Ren Segura, Jackal to her friends, is convicted of a terrorist act she did not commit. As punishment, she is sentenced to an experimental, virtual solitary confinement program. Eskridge is Nicola Griffith's partner.

Added on 10/27/2002
Thunder Rift (2000)

Farrell, Matthew    

*** Main Bi Character

Category: First contact
Summary: Thunder Rift is an artificially created wormhole. Taria, an anthropologist, is one of the first to go through to find out what waits on the other side. Matthew Farrell is a pseudonym for Stephen Leigh, who often writes about gay/lesbian characters and issues.

Added on 5/20/2001
Infinity's Web (1985)

Finch, Sheila    Lesbian Author?

*** Major Bi Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: Four incarnations of one woman in four alternate realities struggle to find balance in their lives. One of the major characters calls herself a lesbian, but acts bi.

Added on 11/26/2002
Lodestar (2000)

Flynn, Michael    

*** Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: The world learns that a rock big enough to obliterate Manhattan is six years from impact. Interestingly, this rock hasn't wobbled off from the Asteroid Belt but seems to have been aimed. A lesbian was one of the trainees; made a pass at the main character.

Added on 4/26/2001
Needle on Full, The (1985)

Forbes, Caroline    Lesbian Author!

** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: Science fiction stories from a lesbian feminist perspective. Some I liked better than others. The writing was good.

Added on 8/28/2004
Exit to Reality (1998)

Forbes, Edith    

** Main Bi Character

Category: Cyber-punk
Summary: Characters discover they are virtual and that they can change bodies at will. Both use both M & F, but both prefer F.

Added on 5/13/2001
James Tiptree Award Anthology 1, The (2005)

Fowler, Karen Joy, Pat Murphy, Debbie Norkin & Jeffrey D. Smith, Ed.    


Category: Short stories
Summary: Truthfully, the stories didn't do a lot for me in this anthology, but it is a good bit of history about how the Tiptree Award started. Joanna Russ and Suzy McKee Charnas, both out lesbians, have essays in the collection as well. Russ, in her essay, states that Tiptree/Sheldon was a lesbian, just one who'd never dared to have a love affair.

Added on 1/26/2007
Testament (1995)

Freireich, Valerie J.    

**** Gay/Female World

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: In the Polite Harmony of Worlds, Testament, a small planet ruled by Matriarchal clans, is in quarantine because of the genetically modified Altereds. All of Freireich's books are good.

Added on 12/29/2000
Vigilant (1999)

Gardner, James Alan    

*** Main Bi Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: Faye Smallwood is a member of the Vigil, a group of independent monitors charged with rooting out government corruption. Faye becomes the target of unknown assassins in a sinister conspiracy that threatens to unleash a deadly virus on the planet. Main character is bi. There's a lesbian romance too. Gardner usually has strong female characters in his novels.

Added on 10/1/2000
Commitment Hour (1998)

Gardner, James Alan    


Category: Alien society
Summary: Novel about people who have to choose their biological sex after trying both out during their childhoods, and what happens when one person wants to be both.

Added on 5/22/1998
Jumping off the Planet (2000)

Gerrold, David    

*** Minor Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: YA novel in the not-too-distant future about a boy's struggle to make sense of his life while caught in the middle of a custody battle. Started out slow, but got better as the novel progressed, though I did think someone should throw Stinky ouf of an airlock. The mother has a female lover. Gay men are also main characters, and the society has an interesting twist when it comes to homosexuality.

Added on 1/8/2010
Man Who Folded Himself, The (1973)

Gerrold, David    

** Minor Bi Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: A man who can move through time and dimensions ends up having relationships with other versions of himself. But when he meets a female version of himself (who'd been having relationships with other female versions) he finds that relationship superior to the same sex ones.

Added on 10/6/1998
Halfway Human (1998)

Gilman, Carolyn Ives    Lesbian Author?


Category: Far future
Summary: Val, an expert in alien cultures, is amazed to discover that a class of neuter humans, known as “blands,” exists on a far-off world, and is dismayed to find out from Tedla, the first bland to ever escape its home planet, the terrible conditions the blands endure.

Added on 1/1/1998
Herland (1915)

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins    

Gay/Female World

Category: Utopia
Summary: Set just before World War I, the story concerns an all-female society that is discovered by three male explorers. I haven't read it in 20 years, so it is unrated.

Added on 5/1/1996
Violent Stars (2000)

Gotlieb, Phyllis    

** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Alien society
Summary: Minor lesbian character, plus a race of all female beings.

Added on 8/6/2003
Flesh and Gold (1998)

Gotlieb, Phyllis    

*** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Alien society
Summary: Very dark, weird science fiction. One of the major characters is bi, another is a lesbian.

Added on 7/24/2003
Helm (1998)

Gould, Steven    

**** Major Lesbian Character

Category: Fantasy
Summary: The dykes are these 2 strong women in his society. One's a great martial artist. Gould often includes gay characters in his novels and is married to Laura J. Mixon, who also has a few novels in this list.

Added on 7/29/1998
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