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author title category rating date added
Game Beyond, The (1984)

Scott, Melissa    Lesbian Author!


Category: Far future
Summary: Imagine the Roman Empire didn't collapse and its empire grew to encompass the stars.

Added on 12/23/2002
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever (2004)

Tiptree, James Jr.    Lesbian Author?

***** Gay/Female World

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: James Tiptree, Jr was a pseudonym for Alice Sheldon. Her stories are provocative and lyrical examinations of human nature, and of the role of women in American society.

Added on 2/25/2006
Brightness Falls From the Air (1985)

Tiptree, James Jr.    Lesbian Author?


Category: Alien society
Summary: This is one of those novels where you can just tell that something bad is going to happen and as things move along you just want to scream at the characters to pay attention to what they are feeling because everything is getting all f*ed up.

Added on 1/28/2007
Time Well Bent (2009)

Wilkins, Connie, ed.    Lesbian Author!

** Main Lesbian Character

Category: Science Fiction
Summary: Queer alternative histories. I wasn't that impressed. Some of my difficulty can be attributed to the fact that it is harder to grasp alternate histories when you don' t know the original history but the story assumes that you do. I also don't like stories that make

Added on 1/8/2010
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