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author title category rating date added
Silent City, The (1981)

Vonarburg, Elisabeth    

*** Main Bi Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Far future
Summary: Elisa, the main character, can change her shape, but she only has sex with members of the opposite sex. There's a hint that Judith is having a lesbian relationship, but nothing definite. There's an all-woman society.

Added on 5/8/2000
Killing of Worlds, The (2003)

Westerfeld, Scott    

*** Major Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Space-based
Summary: The second book in the series starting with The Risen Empire. The female lovers continue in this book and take on new importance toward the end.

Added on 4/4/2004
Risen Empire, The (2003)

Westerfeld, Scott    

*** Minor Lesbian Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Space-based
Summary: Scott Westerfeld has created a universe in which death, "The Old Enemy" has finally been vanquished. Over 1,600 years ago, one man developed a technology to enable his dying 12-year-old sister to survive. The only hitch is that the patient had to die first and be resurrected. The Empire is threatened by the Rix, an all-female “race” of cyborgs who worship AI compound minds. One Rix commando and a human soldier (female) fall in love toward the end of the book.

Added on 4/2/2004
Ghost Sister, The (2001)

Williams, Liz    

*** Major Bi Character, Gay/Female World

Category: Humans on another planet
Summary: A crew from the planet Irie St Syre come to Monde D'Isle to find out what happened to their lost colony, and to bring it back to the Gaian fold if necessary. What they find are a new kind of human, designed to live in harmony with the environment, and only one crewmember has the insight and wisdom to question the purpose of their original mission. The natives of Monde D'Isle are all bisexual and one of the main crewmembers is mourning the death of her female lover.

Added on 7/15/2007
Playing God (1998)

Zettel, Sarah    

***** Gay/Female World

Category: Alien society
Summary: This was an excellent book about a planet (ruled by females) that is mired in civil war and the attempts made by humans to intervene. The situation is realistically complex. Zettel is an excellent writer and I recommend all her books.

Added on 10/7/1999
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